October 2021

October Festival: Dr Angela Davis (1944 – )

This scholar, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, US is well known for her work on racial justice, women’s rights and prison reform. 

Dr Davis is an educator, activist, former Black Panther party member and civil rights activist the embodiment of resilience for us.

Festival Theme: Creative Resilience

This years Blak Outside festival has the theme of ‘Creative Resilience’ following on from last years ‘Rooted’ which had two physical locations in 2020: Peabody Blackfriars Estate, Southwark and the Garden Museum, Lambeth both in London.

The festival was founded as a creative response to the heavy police presence on Peabody Blackfriars during the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Two Dispersal orders were issued in response to an increased number of Black and Brown children occupying play and communal spaces with their siblings and friends from the area.

So this year we continue to be creative and resilient, producing four festivals!

Stephen Lawrence Boots

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